Hackers and Starting Over


New look. New Posts.

When I got an email the other day saying I had been hacked and a ton of files were added and others deleted instead of spending a few hours (days/weeks?) to try and get things up and running again, I decided to just start over and delete it all.

Bittersweet? Perhaps. But I do have backups of nearly all the writing I have done, and of course of all my photos. So, no tears are being shed. I would love to know how bored one must be to hack into a mostly unused blog though?

I am not entirely sure what I plan to use this space for. It was quite the hodgepodge of random ramblings over the years.

How It All Began…

Hide the Matches was actually started years ago when several of us used to stay up all night to chat in a paranormal forum. It was amazing to get to hear the stories of some people, especially the more famous ones, and make friends that I still have today! When the moderator would leave us be to go make themselves a cup of tea she would always say “don’t burn the place down while I am gone” in a sarcastic parental tone, and one of us would always shout through caps HIDE THE MATCHES, and thus, this original blog was born!

Several people who know me well, know that I am on the empath side of things. Some Christian friends have called me horrible things and accused me of “black magic” and “witchcraft”, which, spewed from their mouths, is an insult and not how someone is choosing to worship or explore their faith. Others have said that I am gifted in that I can “see” and some have even said I am “prophetic”.

Whatever the term, it generally means, I pick up on energy. If I feel a connection, I may reach out and touch you. I often know when someone has died before being told they were even ill. I have received messages and been able to help those who were looking for answers.

I burn out, easily. I drain my own energy to help others. It makes me sick. But, it’s often worth it.

What I’m Into…

I am often immersed up to my eyeballs in open tabs researching conspiracies, politics, the paranormal, and I seem to have an almost sick obsession with the criminal mind.

The latter stems from my own story of extreme abuse at the hand of a narcissistic sociopath and my own need to try and understand what causes a person to *tick* in such a way.

I realize this is something I will never fully understand, but have realized that through sharing my story, my escape, and my journey with extreme PTSD, that there are people out there who have a change of heart and begin to dissect evil into the person and the things that may have helped turn them into the monsters that they have become.

I guess we will see where the writing over here goes. Hopefully, its less of a braindump than it used to be and becomes more topic based. I have a lot of words to say, and a lot of the times they trip on themselves and nothing ends up coming out!

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